I wrote this for the YAHOO! time capsule.

I don’t know really what there is to say, each generation, each era has its hopes, it’s dreams, wishes. I’m a dreamer, yes, and more then anything I want peace. At the moment there are 21 wars around . Possibly the most controversial is that of the Iraq war. Iraq is the Vietnam war of my generation and I wish with all my heart that it never happened because I’m not even sure the people of the world will survive long enough for the generation which this is intended for. My Grandfather, Mr John James Payne of Forbes NSW Australia, he was a soldier in Vietnam and he watched the news for the Iraq war and it tore me apart because in the faces of those young men and women he saw the same fear, the same pride and the same doom that he saw upon his own and his mates faces back in Vietnam. The only thing war will ever solve is over population because it kills us all a little, perhaps not physically but emotionally and mentally. It is and was not a war on terror, more it was a war of terror, of massacre and denial of basic human rights.

War goes with someone to the grave, I was not born in the time of Vietnam, I was born in January 1991 on the 12th, a fair while after that horrific war and yet I know the details and I know the pain that my grandfather went through and the pain that even after his death lingers like shrapnel amongst his family, his mates and I. Let it not be said that war gives character and strength, nor does it bring bravado. War brings discord and pain and suffering for the generation it is in and many after. Please, do believe me when I tell you this, I have always supported the troops but I do not support war. At the time of this writing I can only hope that when this is read by whomever receives it that war is but a distant memory, that disputes are settled in a decent manner, that substance abuse is abolished, cultures reestablished, that can trust again and so much more. If I should ever have children, I hope that somewhere down the line they have the peace I could only ever dream of because even if there is no more wars in my life I will remember and it makes me cry, it hurts more then a thousand cuts. I ask you, remember where you come from, don’t let history be forgotten because it’s a part of who you are, don’t listen to abusive idiots, make up your own mind and stand on your own two legs, listen to your heart most of all, it will never lead you astray.

Perhaps one day I’ll make it into a history book, but not just yet. Even if i don’t it doesn’t matter much to me. I have hopes and dreams so beautiful it hurts to think about them and I know that anyone can be whatever it is that they want if only they would try.

I wish you, dear stranger, all the best.