I don’t know why people are so tetchy. I understand this faith is part of the occult. Occult means secret/hidden, and I also understand there will always be someone afraid of our practises. Actually pagans are afraid of some things, for one reason or another. We all know this.

We are not always happy, agreeing people. No. We fight, argue between different paths (and there are many) there can be as few or many things the same as each other in our paths. I’ll probably always be quicker to say I’m pagan then I’m wiccan. You know why?

I’m not traditional. I’m not trained. My Wicca is based on what I can learn from people I meet along the road, and sadly they are few and far between. I’m Eclectic, and yes, I happen to be the type that Traditionals don’t like because I believe everyone has a choice and a right to make their faith fit their belief system. So shoot me.

Traditional Wicca requires that one is trained for a year and a day before being initiated into a Coven, it’s a little hard to do that in a community that there are no pagans, or at least uncloseted ones, let alone no Wiccans. There is no way for me to be one of them, and thats okay.

We all think differently, though we may find like minded people.