I am a witch!

I’ve always believed, that to an extent we all have our powers, that all this stuff, the occult, witches, mages and all this were not evil as I was taught. Rather I was always drawn to these people, wise people. Odd, perhaps but it was something I could feel, power, love, strength.

It’s something I often loved when I was little, though most witches I saw in books where green old hags with a wart on the nose, though for the most part that was all the more endearing to me.

There was a time when ‘witch’ meant ‘healer, wise one, sacred man/woman’ and many other things. What happened to that? What happened to revering nature and its creatures (including ourselves!), the moon and sun? Why is it seen as a ‘heathen’ act to know how to cure someone without aid of a doctor? Why did being called witch become an insult?!

I’m not insulted if called ‘witch,’ actually I’ll probably take it as a compliment.

I don’t care how ‘good intentioned’ your bible thumping is, it will neither work nor make me think you are of higher intelligence nor spiritual enlightenment. Actually, it will probably cause me to glue a pentagram on your nose.

While we’re at it, that bible thumping. It just makes me more assured of my faith, thanks for the little nudge towards it.

No we don’t hex/curse/murder *insert thing here* the Goddess doesn’t ask for sacrifice, and we don’t (or no one i know of, certainly) sacrifice things. We don’t worship satan. Then again we arn’t the ones obsessing over him, he’s your deity not ours. Go think about that for a while, yeah?

You know why we don’t do these things?

Well first of all we’re more self preserving then that, we believe in karma and the three fold law. Self preservation is much more lasting then kicking your sorry arse. And as for Satan… well you seem to be having fun obsessing about him, I would hate to interrupt you from it.

Yes, we get annoyed when you call us ‘evil, wicked, satan worshipers’ or anything of the above or beyond. I’m sure you would get annoyed.

Just leave us be, have a little faith in us. We arn’t here to hurt you, we’ve just re found something taken away from us due to the fear of the Christians and Catholics.

Have some tolerance, we may just know how to save your life one of these says, have some good advice, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen.

I will always be a witch, and I assure you this you cannot change for it is as natural as the sea to me and many others. I have found my faith, I have found my peace.

Fight the fear.

Fight the fear!