Way up north i took my way, all in all was a pretty nice day

Hmm, okay so neither of my connecting flights, nor white limmo seem to have crashed as I am here to blog, and this it’s all good folks. Oh yeah. xD.

No, but seriously. I’m alright. We caught a rex flight to Sydney which took a mere fourty minutes and then an hour and a half flight from Sydney to Brisbane and after that we got picked up by a white limmo at the airport that brought us the half an hour ride to Sea World Resort. 😀 it’s happy! (…yeah still too much sammy even though I’ve barely spoken to her in three days or so.) Theres a spa and gardens, lots of shops and good food in the lobby. I have my annoying arse cousin here to annoy me as well as Lillabub, but it’s not too bad really. Well except for the fact I’ve been swimming too much and I hurt my muscles.

Yesterday we fed the dolphins, not terribly exciting really. You just threw a fish at them. It’s lucky they eat fish or they might have been offended, you know. I would have been offended if people threw raw fish and squid at me. but yeah, it sorta sucked. No swimming with the dolphins apparently, it was just a rather painful walk around the park early in the morning with a grand finalle of throwing fish.

We watched Night at the museum last night, it was good, hillarious actually. It has a whole host of commedians in it, so it would want to be funny, I suppose. The internet here sucks, my aunt didnt bring her laptop so I’m restricted to an internet uh.. stand? I have a photo, when I get home I’ll upload it. Its two dollars for 15 minutes, whichin Australian money isn’t *too* bad.

Oh, about the dolphins. I fed a girl, she was terribly pretty, her name is Stormy. I think Aunty Robyn fed Cyrus. Though, Aunty Robyn freaked a little over the fish. All paranoid we’d smell like it, the fish had been frozen anyways and smelt okay, for fish.

Sammy missed me this morning, I got on here before I went to sea world to talk to her but she was cleaning her room -.- can’t win. Hopefully she’s replied at the rpg, though.

We havent been doing much else really, but between sea world and running too and fro there isn’t honestly a lot to do really. Nor is there much time to do it, though they still make good banana splits here.

 So, who has missed me, eh?

Imiss you all *cuddles* I’m off to check the rpg now though. I can’t do both at once, it kinda only lets one window open at once. they need opera.